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We connect dentists, dental labs, DSO’s in Mylabconnect

MyLabConnect is a digital platform connecting dental practices, dental labs, and dental service organization.

MyLabConnect is both a mobile app and a website.

There are no specific system requirements to run MyLabConnect.You can either use browser or download the app.

Yes, your data is secured in MyLabConnect.

Send us an inquiry and we will tell you if we are connect to your preferred laboratories. If not, we are happy to get them on our platform to benefit you!

Yes! Through our partnerships with companies like FedEx and UPS, we provide practices with instant access to case shipping capabilities.

MyLabConnect is happy to find a solution for you whether that be a customized module for your needs or introducing you to a LMS that works best for your business.

Absolutely - our platform offers many benefits for physical impression submission, case tracking and communication and many other benefits for your practices.

We have DSO partners today who have customized the MyLabConnect platform to fit their business needs, including compliance initiatives specific to their organization.